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Инструкция lg 42 lm3400 3d led телевизоры

Если в поле с файлом есть кнопка "Просмотр", это значит, что можно просмотреть инструкцию онлайн, без необходимости скачивать ее на компьютер. There are also tons of pictures settings to adjust if one wants to fine tune the picture when not in 3D mode. The LED backlight makes a huge difference too. The direct lit LM3400 model gives excellent picture uniformity unlike the edge lit LM5850 which had hot spots in the corners, particularly in 3D. It has a swivel base and comes with four pairs of passive glasses. I did take this TV back to the store just because of its glossy finish which I found too distracting. Some features in videos may not be available on all models. Also, periodically the 3D image was a bit blurry and out of sync which I usually remedied by restarting the movie. Some features in videos may not be available on all models. The difference between digital TV and HDTV is amazing, particularly since this is basically a bedside TV that replaced a 32-inch CRT. Though to be honest even with the very limited choices with this LG tv one could still get an excellent picture in 3D so I wouldn't say that this is a deal breaker at all. First off, the picture looks good. Надевайте легкие, удобные, стильные 3D-очки и... The LG picture is amazing, it has very bright and vivid colors after making some custom settings. We picked up one of these on a good sale. We picked up one of these on a good sale. I then hooked up my 500GB HDD formatted to FAT32, and that was recognized. Please refer to the TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS tab for a complete list of features by model. This page works best with JavaScript. This isn't a big issue though if the TV is say 50" and smaller when viewed from about 8 feet or more. RCA video and stereo sound inputs allow me to continue using my legacy DVD player until I'm ready to upgrade that as well. Learn more about our collection of flat screen TVs, as well as our innovative and LG. If you have old VCRs, DVD players, or certain TiVo models I'd suggest getting a TV that still supports them. I can't wait to try a real 3D movie. It provides a screw to fix on the table surface but I'd not want to do that.

Well Picture-In-Picture would be sweet too, but that's not necessary.

It had video on it and so I messed around and it played perfectly! And I was VERY surprised when I picked up the unit only to find that it is MUCH lighter than the 32" LCD. We could definitely see the 3D effect and the picture was still super sharp. We picked up one of these on a good sale. Благодаря достаточному углу обзора технология LG CINEMA 3D позволяет просматривать фильмы даже большому количеству людей из любого места в помещении. This direct lit TV outperforms the edge lit TV LGLM5850 that I tried out. By far the best picture on a TV I've seen. Other than that, it's perfect. Of course if you're big into sound, you probably already have stereo speakers you can wire into it. The second thing that sold me on this was the ability to use the USB port for music and videos. Автовоспроизведение Если функция включена, то следующий ролик начнет воспроизводиться автоматически.

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